We all know that the current market is no longer on the floor to promote the use of solid wood. That is wasting our forest resources. So now more popular is that we are both green and environmentally friendly, very consistent with the re-use of resources, health and environmental protection requirements, as well as the pursuit of circular economy, to promote the purpose of low-carbon environmental protection, a new type of green materials, Plastic material. At present, the use of wood flooring has gradually been the strong support of the relevant state departments.

In addition to wood texture, wood flooring, but also with acid and alkali, moisture-proof, anti-moth and other characteristics, can be widely used in landscape, pavilion, indoor and outdoor walls, floors, guardrails and other places. Plastic wood floor life is several times the ordinary wood, the color can also be adjusted according to the formula.

2010, the Shanghai World Expo on the use of a large number of wood flooring. Participate in the Expo site wood-based landscape design and laying the construction of the relevant staff said that the previously used for landscape design materials are mostly preservative wood, but because of the anti-corrosion process contains heavy metals and pesticides, which will be around the water Causing secondary pollution. But now with wood-plastic materials will not have such trouble.

With the awakening of the consciousness of environmental protection, the idea of ​​replacing a solid wood with a new type of material such as wood and plastic will become a reality. We hope that more people to join us, to promote environmental green, to resist waste pollution. More wood-plastic material, you can view our website.